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Monarch is pleased to offer an 11-month ministry training program designed to help believers deepen their relationship with Jesus, and provide hands on experience in a variety of ministry opportunities in order to prepare them for a lifetime of walking in God's plan.

A program designed to prepare you for a life in ministry

We designed this program to provide you with critical hands on experience to bring you closer to God through prayer and bible study, and encourage ministry that is based in community.  Over 11 months, you will receive hands on experience in ministry areas such as outreach, missions, mentoring, and discipleship, within a community setting all the while focusing on strengthening your relationship with God and increasing your knowledge and study of the bible. ​

This program prioritizes community, and you'll spend your time with us building the skills to develop a community focused ministry that will prepare you for wherever God is calling you.

Summer programming to put your practice into action

The last portion of your program will take you through a specialized camping experience that services at risk and special needs in children in and around the Spokane area. You'll have the chance to walk with young people in a Christ focused outdoor adventure program, which will get you outside and surrounded in God's beautiful creation all while engaging at risk youth and bringing them the Word of God.

An 11 month bible reading plan, that will immerse you in the word of God

In addition to the hands on experience, Monarch has also designed a structured bible reading plan, that will take you through the entire bible while you're with us. Structured so that you read the events in chronological order, you'll spend time every day digging in to God's word in order to truly understand what the scripture says. Paired with weekly study groups, you'll walk away at the end of the program with a deeper knowledge and understanding of God's word and how it applies to your life. 

Missions opportunities to get you out of your comfort zone

You'll have the option to accompany Monarch on any of our regular missions trips. Currently Monarch travels to Malawi and the Dominican Republic on a regular basis as we work to build community-based ministries in both locations. These optional trips are a great way for you to step outside your comfort zone and spread the love of God to all parts of the Earth.

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